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Request for New Service

A $200 security deposit will be required for all new memberships.
The Security Deposit will be credited to the member's electric account, if payments are made on time for three years.

Connection fees for new members
$10 Membership Connection Fee +
$200  Security Deposit =
$210  Fee Total 

Electric services for wells, cabins, and grain bins 
$300  Prepayment +
$10  Connection Fee =
$310  Fee Total 

Electric services for camper hook-up's
$400  Prepayment +
$200 Security Deposit +

$10 Connection Fee =
$610 Fee Total

Other information
Before the cooperative can build an electric line, the electrician responsible for the electrical work must provide the cooperative with a South Dakota Wiring Certificate.

  • Easements must be on file in the cooperative office allowing the cooperative to place poles and down guys on the members land or on neighboring properties. Obtaining easements will be the responsibility of the member requesting service. Cooperative personnel will help if needed.

  • The cooperative will build the first 1,320 feet (1/4 mile) of line. Any line required beyond the 1,320 feet is billed to the member at $7.50 per foot.  (Single Phase)

  • All fees must be paid and all paperwork completed before work will start on a line.

  • The $300 prepayment will be credited towards usage for this account.

Image by Matthew Henry


Toll Free: 888-464-9304

Local: 605-835-9624


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