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Budget Billing

Do you need some help in leveling out your monthly electric bill? If so, Budget Billing could be the answer.

If your electric bill varies according to your seasonal electricity demands, Budget Billing offers a systematic way to distribute the cost over 12 monthly payments. To get started, you must contact the Gregory office now.

Budget Billing will commence July 1 of each year. June will be the month when your account is balanced by settling any difference. The monthly budget payment is determined by averaging the previous calendar year use of electricity plus any increase resulting from a major electrical equipment addition.

Budget billed accounts do require the member to make payments when they are due or they are subject to removal from the Budget Billing plan.

Accounts are reviewed periodically during the year to determine whether the member's electricity use is remaining within the limits of the estimate. If it is not, it can be adjusted accordingly up or down during the year.

Budget Billing and the Direct Payment Plan can work together by giving you a steady monthly electric bill. Having it taken from your checking account means you no longer need to write and mail a check for your monthly electric bill.

​Contact us to set up your Budget Billing plan.



Toll Free: 888-464-9304

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