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Commercial and Residential Rate


Minimum charge - no KWH                   $26.00 per month​


First 200 KWH                                                       .108/KWH

Over 200 KWH                                                     .082/KWH

Security light lease - 48 Watt                           $7.35/month

"Power Cost  Adjustment" This will apply to all KWH's used except for the energy used as indicated by the heat meter.                                                                    $0.00/KWH


Electric heat discount rate                                    .056/KWH


Christmas Lights

Residential Service

Applicable to rural and urban consumers for all uses in the home and on the farm, subject to the established rules and regulations of the seller. Approval of the cooperative must be obtained prior to the installation of any motor having a rated capacity of 10 horsepower or more.


Temporary Service

Temporary service shall be supplied in accordance with the foregoing rate except that the consumer shall pay, in addition; the total cost of connecting and disconnecting service, less the value of material returned to stock. A deposit, in advance, may be required of the full amount of the estimated bill for service, including the cost of connection and disconnecting.


Commercial and Industrial Lighting and Power Service

Available for commercial, industrial, single-phase and three-phase where available, for uses including lighting, heating  and power in urban and rural areas, including all schools, churches and community halls, subject to established rules and regulations of the cooperative covering this type of service.

Electric Heat Discount Rate

Electric heat is metered separate. The heat meter is furnished by the cooperative. The member must hire an electrician to install the meter.  Savings is approximately 30% off the regular rate during the heating season October- April. 



Toll Free: 888-464-9304

Local: 605-835-9624


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