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Serving Gregory, Tripp,
and Lyman Counties
since 1945.

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Rosebud Electric Cooperative is the tenth largest REC in the state of South Dakota. We maintain 2,343 miles of line and serve 5,631 metered accounts in three counties, including the towns of Fairfax, Bonesteel, Herrick, Gregory, Dallas, Colome, Witten and Hamill.

Please take a few minutes to browse through our Website to see the products and services we offer to our members, get information on how to pay your bill, and read our past and current newsletters.

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This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.



Rosebud Electric prides itself in offering exceptional customer service. Click on the categories below to find more information about your bill, rates and many other helpful topics. If you can't find what you are looking for feel free to send us a note.

If your electric bill varies according to your seasonal electricity demands, Budget Billing offers a systematic way to distribute the cost over 12 monthly payments. To get started, you must contact the Gregory office now.

Credit Card

 Now you can have your payment made automatically from your checking or savings account. And, you won't have to change your present banking relationship to take advantage of this service.

B&W Bulb

Rosebud Electric Cooperative offers security lighting to suit the many needs of our members. These requirements range from residential yard lighting to commercial business parking lots to architectural building lighting.


Learn more about commercial and residential rates as well as temporary service.

Need a new service? Find out the steps that need to be completed for a new service and what Rosebud Electric offers for services.

Rosebud ELectric Youth Scholarship

Every year, Rosebud Electric offers a scholarship to students whose parents or guardians are members of Rosebud Electric Cooperative. Follow the link below to download the application. Please return to the Rosebud Electric Office located at 512 Rosebud Avenue, Gregory, SD. 



Rosebud Electric Cooperative is a leading provider of electrical services in South Dakota. We are committed to providing our members with exceptional service and high-quality workmanship. 

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Energy Saving Tips

  1. Air leaks represent the largest heat loss of a house and consequently make up the biggest cost of heating a home. Caulking, sealing windows and plugging any opening to the outside will more than pay for itself in short order.

  2. Sealing any openings into the attic area such as attic access holes, openings around plumbing vents, holes made for wires to pass into the attic and recessed light fixtures will save heating dollars plus make a home more comfortable.

  3. Switching from incandescent bulbs to LED's can save you up to 85% on your lighting usage.

  4. Annual cleaning of coils on your refrigerator will allow it to work more efficiently. Dust and dirt accumulation made it harder for the coils to give off heat to cool the refrigerator.

  5. When buying new windows, always buy windows with a Low "E" rating. The window saves energy and makes a wall with a window feel warmer.

  6. Windows will lose nine times as much heat as an insulated wall.

  7. It takes 14 feet of concrete to equal 3.5 inches of insulation.

  8. Ground fault interrupters (GFI) are super safe electric outlets. They will trip off before a person can be electrocuted.

  9. Ground source heat pumps inflation proof today's heating and cooling systems by providing up to $4.50 worth of heat for $1.00 worth of electricity.  No other heating system on the market today can beat it.

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Find out more information about outages in the Rosebud Electric coverage area.




Toll Free: 888-464-9304

Local: 605-835-9624


Gregory County Tripp County

Lyman County

Fairfax Bonesteel Herrick Gregory Dallas Colome Witten Hamill

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